Novenco AirBox - Revision Information


Revision (release date: 25.02.2016)
New features:
- ABB motors are added.
- Hoyer motors are added.
- Specific Fan Power (SFP) is added in report.
- Horizontal mounting is added for Zerax Micro fans size 250/160 - 500/160.
- New AirBox logo aligned with Novenco Building & Industry design guidelines.
- For ACW it is now possible to select Casing Thickness = "Any".
- Inlet cones for AZN Micro sizes 280/160, 355/160 and 450/160 are added.

Bug fixes:
- Weights for Zerax Micro fans size 250/160 - 500/160 were wrong.
- Weights for inlet cones and mounting feet for AZN 1800/560 - 2000/560 were wrong.
- IP class information was sometimes missing in report.
- Updating a solution with Specific Fan selected failed.
- It was not possible to select inlet silencer spare part for ACW.
- EU Eco design information was sometimes in the report even if rules did not apply for the solution.
- Current for Domel motors was unprecise.

Revision (release date: 03.11.2015)
New features:
- AZN and AZL in size 250/160 and 280/160 are now available.
- Lafert motors are now available for ZerAx calculations.
- It is now possible to select Any when selecting Enclosure. Applies to ZerAx fans only.
- It is now possible to bypass EU EcoDesign (ERP) requirements. Bypassing the rules might result in missing CE marking on the products. This feature is intended for sale outside EU or for part load calculations.

Bug fixes:
- Lafert and Domel motors was selected even if speed was higher than maximum allowed speed.
- EU EcoDesign (ERP) data was not shown in reports for HotSmoke calculations.
- The length for Novax fans with wireGuard were wrong.
- Updating older Centrifugal configurations calculated Fixed to Motor Pole found other motor sizes as well.

Revision (release date: 24.09.2015)
New features:
- ZerAx fans with WEG motors are now TV certified for fan size 355/160 up to 710/350. A TV logo is added in the report for certified fans.
- Increased safty calculations with brass or ALU lining are added. They are like Atex/Ex calculation but with standard motor.
- Novax Marine Standard range is introduced for ACN and ACW.
- More WEG motors are now on stock. As a result more calculations with 1 week delivery will be available.
- Vertical Mounting plate is added for AZN and AZL.
- ACN and ACW in size 900/403 are now available with a size 180 motor.
- A unique ID is now included in the hint showed, when placing the mouse cursor over an configuration in the Configuration Explorer.

Bug fixes:
- Selecting CNAB with Danfoss and Vacon 100 HVAC frequency converter failed.
- Calculating without motor failed for ACN.
- 125% text size was not supported.
- RPM labels on the centrifugal fan curve was misplaced.

Revision (release date: 01.07.2015)
New features:
- Calculations are optimized to prepare for TV certification.
- Domel motors are added for ZerAx fans.
- Danfoss frequency converters are added.
- Vacon frequency converter data is updated.
- Item number for base plate is added in the report.
- It is now possible to select short and long diffuser for Zerax Micro fans size 250/160 - 500/160.
- New User Right introduced for the "Lock fan and Motor" - feature.
Bug fixes:
- Error when defining 6/12 pole custom motor.
- Two speed Bartec motors has wrong power values for low speed operation.
- No solutions is found for custom motors when supply voltage is 690V.
- Drawing tab page is read only for configurations in state Quotation or state Order.
- After updating a configuration random tab page might be selected.
- Exporting configurations fails when illegal characters are used in the filename.
- ACN and ACW size 900/403 with motor size 180 is listed as a solution. Combination is an invalid combination.
- Sound values for ACN are NaN (Not a Number).

Revision (release date: 10.04.2015)
New features:
- Defining your own custom motor is now possible.This features depends upon User Rights.
- Requesting Engineering To Order (ETO) work is now possible. This features depends upon User Rights.
- K-factor is added in the report. Applies when Measuring Pipe is selected only.
- Air density is added in the report.
- Derating of WEG motors changed. Original rated power and original rated current values are left unchanged.
- Logo changed due to Novenco joining the Schako group.
Bug fixes:
- Motor efficiency was listed at 100% load. Now motor efficiency depends upon the load.
- Spare part price was always in DKK.
- Some dimensions were wrong in the drawing for Zerax large with motor size 225.
- Wrong item number for AntiVibration in the report.
- Novax calculations did sometimes not show all results.
- It was not possible to select Specific Fan for AZN 500/160.
- Long project names was cut off in report.

Revision (release date: 18.12.2014)
New features:
- It is now possible to select frequency converter for Bartec motors in Atex/Ex calculations.
- China Classification Society (CCS) marine classification is added.
- Centrifugal fan calculations with fixed speed now produces more solutions. New solutions might have pressure higher than requested.
- Deviation from requested pressure and flow when calculating fans by fixed speed is now shown in the list of solutions.
- New calculation option in Options menu: Max. pressure difference in percentage. Used for fixed speed calculations.
- Dutch and German translations are updated.
- New EU EcoDesign implementation. New interpretation of rules
- Default name is now suggested when using SaveAs button in the Configuration window.
Bug fixes:
- ZerAx and Novax silencer material description was wrong in the program and in the report. Wrong description HDG is corrected to AluZink.
- Motor Current and Rated Current was wrong when selecting Vacon frequency converter.
- Dimensions for wireguard were missing for ZerAx Large size 1800 - 2000.
- No Novax solutions smaller than fan size 900 were calculated if a diffusor was selected.
- Startup times for Bartec motors were to high.
- ZerAx calculations with very low static pressure could cause error.
- Novax F400 max speed were incorrect.
- Wrong unit on Moment of Intertia in the report.

Revision (release date: 05.11.2014)
New features:
- Support for selecting spare parts when making a new ZerAx or Novax configuration.
- Support for selecting spare parts for older ZerAx or Novax configurations.
- Default motor efficiency class is changed from IE2 to IE3.
- Bartec two speed motors are now available.
- Motor item number is added in the report (If item number exists).
- Motor Insulation Class is added in the report.
Bug fixes:
- Error loading projects having more than 2100 sub-projects in the Configuration Explorer.
- Wrong size flexible connection and Duct Spigot for AZl was ordered if long or acoustic diffuser was selected.

Revision (release date: 31.07.2014)
New features:
- It is now possible to select Low Temperature Operation for motors.
- Patent numbers for ZerAx are added in the About dialogue.
Bug fixes:
- An error could occur when selecting Vacon frequency converter.
- Startup time were wrong when motors from Bartec was selected.

Revision (release date: 23.06.2014)
New features:
- ZerAx Micro is added. ZerAx Micro is AZN and AZL in size 315/160 - 500/160.
- The type of acoustic diffusor selected in now displayed in the report.
- Material thickness 6 or 10 mm is now shown in the report for ACW.
- Calculating centrifugal fan CAL DSR 500 is now possible.
Bug fixes:
- Inlet cone was missing in the skecth for AZN 500.
- Russian translation errors in the report are corrected.
- An empty last page was shown in some reports.
- Required free space before AZL inlet build into an Air Handling Unit was sometimes missing in the report.
- Calculating AZN 710/350 without motor did not show solutions with frame size 160.
- It was not possible to select WEG 460V 60 Hz motors.

Revision (release date: 28.03.2014)
New features:
- 690V 60 Hz WEG marine motors are now available.
- One click update of older configurations is now supported.
- Re-calculating of an existing configuration is now supported.
- Wire Guard for Inlet is now available for AZL.
- It is now possible to select RAL colour for CNA expoxy coating.
- Atex and Ex solutions for ACN and ACW in size 250 and 315 are now available.
- Discount factors for AZN Large, AZW and AZL are added.
- The tool tip for the configurations in the Configuration Explorer now includes date when configuration was saved.
- Motor class F or B is now added in the report.
- Moment of Inertia for the fan is added in the report.
- Start-up time for the fan is added in the report. This applies for direct driven fans only. Not for belt driven fans.
- Configurations requiring major engineering tasks are now marked with red text in the list of solutions. Delivery time must be verified for these configurations.
- WEG IE1 single speed motors are no longer available in standard temperature.
- Duct numbers are added to the CNAB suction box user interface to ease selection of correct ducts.
Bug fixes:
- Atex and Ex texts in the report are corrected.
- Danish translation bugs in the report are corrected.
- Bartec motor fit rules were incomplete.

Revision (release date: 29.01.2014)
New features:
- ZerAx Large is added. ZerAx Large is AZN in size 1000/560 - 2000/560.
- It is now possible to select AZL 500 and AZL 560 with motor size 160 and 180.
- Terminal Box position is added as user choice for AZL.
Bug fixes:
- Generating a report sometimes failed after changing fan type using the Change button.
- Power Input was calculated wrong when speed was Fixed to Motor Pole.
- ZerAx solutions close to the stalling point was not in the list of solutions.

Revision (release date: 17.10.2013)
New features:
- 3D drawing is added in the report.
- Center height is added to the sketch.
Bug fixes:
- Height dimension was sometimes not visible in the sketch drawing.
- Measuring Pipe was missing as accessory in the AZL report.

Revision (release date: 26.09.2013)
New features:
- New ZerAx fan AZL with integrated inlet cone is added.
- Atex / Ex is introduced for ACN and ACW.
Bug fixes:
- Copy-Paste of a project folder onto itself resulted in a never ending loop.
- Scale on ZerAx power curve was too detailed when air flow was high.
- Exporting an AutoCAD drawing failed if skecth button was pressed before exporting.

Revision (release date: 17.06.2013)
New features:
- ZerAx in selected sizes is now available with more blade angles.
- Support for CAL 400 DSR is added.
- Vacon frequency converter is now allowed for WEG IE4 motors.
- AirBox now works with Windows 8.
- GRP blades are now available for ACW.
- WEG motor data is updated.
Bug fixes:
- Translation bugs are corrected.
- Certificates were not listed as accessories in the report.
- Length of damper SBC was not added to the total length when added on the inlet side.
- ZerAx drawings were black on some computers.
- Motor length was incorrect on ZerAx drawings.
- ZerAx Atex calculations did not yield all possible solutions.
- Option Offshore Standard Clearance is no longer available.
- GRP blades is no longer available for Increased Clearance.
- Curves for centrifugal fans showed m2/s and not m3/s as it should be.

Revision (release date: 11.01.2013)
New features:
- WEG motor data is updated.
Bug fixes:
- Price for space heater should not be added for centrifugal fans.
- Overall efficiency might be 0.0 in the Technical Report.

Revision (release date: 18.12.2012)
New features:
- EU Eco-design requirements added to Technical Report.
Bug fixes:
- Renaming root project in the Configuration Explorer is disabled.
- It was possible to select blade angle 45 degrees for AZN and AZW size 1120 and 1250 when calculating specific fan.
- It was possible to select 60 Hz motors for for ACP/ACG HotSmoke fans.
- AirBox could not install if the newest Visual C++ redistributable package was installed on the computer.

Revision (release date: 21.06.2012)
New features:
- HotSmoke certificates are now available for ACG and ACP size 500 - 1600.
- ABB and AEG motors are no longer available.
- CAL now only supports DSR (Driver Side Removable) motor coupling. Direct coupling and belt coupling is no longer supported.
- The exact type of wireguard outlet is now written in the report.
- For CAL it is now possible to select wireguard for inlet.
- Selecting 5 weeks motor delivery time is no longer supported.Only 1 week and 11 weeks are supported
- Height measurement is added to ZerAx drawings.
- In ROI calculations the total pressure for the reference fan can now be edited. Previously it followed the selected fan.
Bug fixes:
- ZerAx calculations were wrong when long diffusor was selected.
- Prices for small antivibration kits were missing.
- Calculating Centrifugal fans with speed fixed to motor pole did sometimes find to few solutions.
- Registration email is changed. Now the text emphasises that the registration link only works with Internet Explorer.

Revision (release date: 07.03.2012)
New features:
- List prices are updated.
Bug fixes:
- ACN motorfit errors corrected for WEG motors.
- CAL size 1120 and 1250 was disabled when selecting DSR.
- For centrifugal fans it was possible to calculate without motor and speed fixed to motor pole at the same time.
- For centrifugal fans the dynamic pressure was always zero when calculating fixed fan speed.

Revision (release date: 30.01.2012)
New features:
- Configurations older than 30 days now have to be recalculated before ordering.
- When selecting HotSmoke 200C @ 2 hours (F200) and motor vendor WEG the solutions will be with 300C @ 1 hours (F300) motors.
- It is now possible to select HotSmoke for ACP and ACG when using WEG motors.
- New line of WEG motors called W22 is added.
- WEG motors with efficincy class IE4 is added.
Bug fixes:
- Fan curves did sometimes disappear if application was maximized.
- Wrong silencer type was selected for AZW.
- Motor was to long on ZerAx drawings.
- It was possible to rename top level projects. This feature is now disabled.
- MaxRPM for ZerAx fans was always decreased even when selecting optimal installation conditions.
- No error message was diplayed when no solutions were found.
- Not all valid motors were selected when calculating ATEX/EX.
- AirBox did sometimes crash when closing the application.

Revision (release date: 11.11.2011)
New features:
- It is now possible to select long diffuser for Novax and ZerAx fans in size 500 - 800.
- It is now possible to select short difuser for Novax fans in size 500 - 800.
- Extension duct in 4 mm material is added for AZN.
- Installation conditions must now be specified for Zerax fans.
Bug fixes:
- No belt solutions was found for low power / small motor configurations.
- AirBox did sometimes crash when loading models.
- Problem generating project report is fixed.
- Changing of an AZN configuration with a two speed motor to an ACN configuration was showing Secondary Solution tab for ACN even though it is not supported.
- Inappropriate solutions to conflicts was suggested in some situations.
- Changing columns in the list of solutions using the mouse was not saved.
- Exchange rates was 100 times too high for some regional settings.
- Copy - Paste of projects could result in a never ending loop.

Revision (release date: 07.10.2011)
New features:
- Atex / Ex is introduced for AZN and AZW.
- Bartec motors is added. Bartec can be selected for Atex / Ex configurations only.
- For AZN and AZW configurations with two speed motors the fan solution for the low motor speed is now also calculated.
- For AZN and AZW configurations with two speed motors it is now possible to make a report for the low motor speed fan solution.
- It is now possible to select Hub Cover for AZN. A Hub Cover is used to avoid entrapment of water, ice, dirt or bacteria in hub cavities, that otherwise could result in imbalance of the rotor.
- It is now possible to select Air Quantity Meter for AZN.
- Report generation now supports the Polish language.
- For two speed motors the values for low speed operation of the motor is now shown in report.
Bug fixes:
- Sound calculations for AZN 1250 and AZW 1250 are corrected.
- Derating coeffcients for WEG marine motors are corrected.
- Comment concerning max fan speed for AZN and AZW is added in the report.
- For Novax fans increased clearance and HotSmoke calculations using specific fan yielded same solutions as for standard fans. Specific fan calculation is now only avalible for standard fans.
- AcousticDiffuser YAZ drawing is corrected.

Revision (release date: 24.06.2011)
New features:
- New high performance 10 mm axial fan product added: AZW.
- New acoustic diffuser with no core added for AZN.
- While editing a configuration it is now possible to change fan type.
- Copying of projects is now supported.
- IE2 is now default motor efficiency class for new configurations, except for AZW and ACW.
- Leroy Somer IE2 motors are added.
- WEG 60 Hz 2-speed high power air over motors added for motor size 180.
- Flange norm Eurovent or DIN is added in the Technical Report.
Bug fixes:
- AZN external static and total pressure from the calculation was always equal to requested pressure. Now they are the actual calculated pressures.
- It was not possible to select both silencer for inlet and inlet cone for AZN.
- Derating WEG marine motors according to classification company could result in selecting too small a motor.
- Making the same AZN report twice from within the Configuration window failed.
- Technical Reports without price information did always have additional empty page.
- Motors with supply voltage higher than 690V is no longer available.
- Flexible connections was not listed as accessory in the Technical Report.
- Silencer material name changed from the danish abbreviation VFZ to Hot Dip Galvanized.
- It was not possible to select Duct Spigot if not also selecting flexible connection.
- German translations for sound power levels was wrong.
- Multiple minor AZN drawing corrections.

Revision (release date: 21.03.2011)
New features:
- 3D drawing is added to AZN configurations.
- Export of 3D drawing in AutoCAD (dwg/dxf) format is added for AZN configurations.
- 2D drawing with dimensions is added to the Technical Report for AZN configurations.
- Import of multiple *.abz files is now supported.
- HotSmoke certificate information is added to the Technical Report.
Bug fixes:
- Only HotSmoke certified fan solutions are available. Previously also uncertified fan solutions were available.
- Inlet Cone with Wire Guard was listed as Inlet Cone only in the report.
- ABB, AEG and Leory Somer motors are no longer available when ambient air temperature is below -20 degrees celcius.
- Total weight was wrong in Technical Report for Novax fans. Diffuser weight was not added.
- Drain is no longer allowed for centrifugal fan CAL when outlet position is 270.

Revision (release date: 02.11.2010)
New features:
- New motor option: Vacon Frequency Converter
- AZN calculation with speed fixed to motor pole now follows the system resistance curve when finding solutions.
- CAL impeller material (SAF , AISI316L) for casing AISI316L is now automatically selected by AirBox.
- Sound calculation for Novax fans with increased clearence is improved.
- It is now possible to calculate CNAB size 710 - 1000 without motor.
- The Find tool is added to the ToolBar for easy access.
Bug fixes:
- Too small pulleys were used in centrifugal fan calculations with belt driven motor.
- Changing the name of the ROI reference fan did not work properbly.
- Restoring the Local database failed if the file Solutions.sdf was located on a network drive.
- WEG motors with with unknown delivery now displays "Unknown" and not "Approximately 11"
- Recalculating a configuration from an older version displayed conflict warning with no cause.

Revision (release date: 15.09.2010)
New features:
- New Find feature that makes it possible to search for configurations, customers and projects
- New sizes of AZN 1120/350 and 1250/350
- For WEG motors it will be possible to filter on delivery time.
- Discount factors for centrifugal fans are added.
- Centrifugal calculations now support motor speed "Fixed to Motor Pole" and two speed motors.
- Selecting of both Diffusor and Anti Vibration is enabled for Zerax.
- New accessory for ACG and ACP: Air Quantity Meter.
- For AZN it is possible to select casing thickness 4 mm.
- For WEG marine motors rated power dependency of Classification is implemented.
- For ABB motors the motorfit rules are updated.
- New rules for selecting connections in the CNAB suctionbox.
Bug fixes:
- It was possible make a Novax Hotsmoke configuration with frequency converter.
- When making columns small in the list of solutions no text at all was shown.
- Frequency converter/Belt efficiency could not be specified for ROI calculation.
- The advisory text shown when no solutions are found was sometimes wrong for centrifugal calculations.
- In the ROI calculation the 20 years cost for the calculated fan was wrong.
- The price for Duct Spigot for ACP 1400 was wrong.
- Typing Air Flow value slowly caused a message to be displayed.
- Deleting the name of the ROI reference fan caused an error.
- Centrifugal solutions with belt sometimes had fan RPM higher than MaxRPM.

Revision (release date: 23.06.2010)
New features:
- Return Of Investment (ROI) calculations are added to configurations.
- Return Of Investment (ROI) calculations are added in the Technical Report.
- Import and Export of configurations to a file is added.
- Discount factors for AZN is added.
- Unregistered users can now select centrifugal fans and ZerAx fans.
- Total length and weight of installation is now displayed in AZN reports.
- Improved check on air flow value depending upon unit selected (m3/s, m3/h or feet3/min).
- Flexible connections form Viton is no longer supported for AZN.
- Leroy Somer 400 degrees motors are no longer supported.
Bug fixes:
- Air Over WEG motors could be selected for centrifugal fans.
- Up/Down arrows indicating sort direction in the list of solutions did not work on Windows Vista and Windows 7.
- When selecting specific fan for AZN the sizes 500-710 were not available.
- Default report languages were missing in Options dialogue.
- The I-number was wrong in the report for AZN drawings.
- Upgrading a configuration from an older version did sometime fail if the motor speed was set to "Fixed to Motor Pole".
- Currency displayed for the lowest price was sometimes wrong when re-calculating an existing AZN configuration.
- Arabic report translations are updated.

Revision (release date: 07.05.2010)
New features:
- The Configuration Explorer is expanded to the last selected configuration, project or customer when AirBox is started.
- AirBox now runs on Windows 64 bit systems.
- AZN calculations now presents solutions that are possible if Anti Vibration Mounting is selected.
- Automatic backup of Local database is performed when AirBox is started. The Local database is copied to the folder MyDocument\Novenco AirBox\Backup Files.
Bug fixes:
- Total price was sometimes wrong for AZN.
- Motorfit remarks were truncated in the reports.
- Motor mounting type was sometimes wrong for AZN configurations with motor size 132.
- Rated current was wrong for some WEG motors.
- French report translations are updated.

Revision (release date: 29.03.2010)
New features:
- It is now possible to select AZN fans in size 500-630.
- It is now possible to specify 5-Day-Novax (Delivery within 5 days. ACN only)
- Drawing with dimensions is added to reports for AZN configurations.
- CAL export to BaaN is now supported. Exporting to BaaN is initiated by clicking the Order button.
- Report generation supports several new languages.
- It is now possible to select Acoustic Diffusor for AZN.
- Max fan RPM is now written in the report.
- Motor cost price is now exported to BaaN.
- Motor item numbers are exported to BaaN when available.
- Zerax sound tolerances are now specified in the report.
- Zerax Max RPM dependency of temperature are now considered when calculating fan performance.
- New Motor efficiency classes IE1, IE2 and IE3. Mapping from old classes follows this schema: Eff2 -> IE1, Eff1 -> IE2 and Eff1+ -> IE3.
- It is no longer possible to create configurations, projects or customers in the root level of the Novenco database.
- PDF filename when exporting reports now defaults to solution name (Project name for Project reports).
Bug fixes:
- SaveAs button recalculated prices even if the solution was not modified.
- Selecting "Fixed to Motor Pole" as motor speed resulted in too many solutions.
- More precise diffusor calculation is implemented.
- Accessories specific to centrifugal fans were not translated in the report.
- Generating reports on older configurations failed sometimes after user of the Column Selector.
- Date field in report was in a wrong format.
- For centrifugal fans flexible connections for inlet were listed as flexible connections for outlet in the report

Revision (release date: 11.02.2010)
New features:
- Total weight of installation is available for centrifugal fans (Previously only fan weight was available)
- Marine classification RMRS can now be selected for Novax and Zerax fans
- Motor cost price is now be exported to BaaN
Bug fixes:
- Centrifugal fan calculations with direct coupled motor did occasionally select too large motors.
- It was not possible to select a CAL 1250 with belt driven motor
- EMC Terminal box was added when calculating without motor and increased clerance
- Motor Price Factor was always shown in list of solutions

Revision (release date: 02.02.2010)
New features:
- CNAB and CNDF export to BaaN is now supported
- Discount factors now apply to accessories as well as fans
- Fixed Speed selection is moved from Motor tab to Fan Data tab for Novax fans
- Column order in the list of solutions can now be changed using the Column Selector
- Zerax cost prices are updated
- AZN calculation without motor now displays maximum motor weight on the report
- Type of motor flange is added to the report when calculating without motor
Bug fixes:
- AZN Calculation with or without outlet duct gave same result
- Multiple corrections concerning report generation
- CNAB price corrections
- Zerax CasingThickness was calculated wrong
- CAL price error when selectin Thermal Protection for the motor is corrected
- Motor data was exported to BaaN even if calculation without motor was selected

Revision (release date: 11.01.2010)
New features:
- New high performance axial fan product added: AZN
- Report generation performance is increased
- Report generation now supports Project reports
- Report generation now supports the Ducth language
- New information added to the solutions: Stock Index for motors
- New information added to the solutions: Total cost price and contribution rate
- New user interface for selecting suction box for CNAB fans
Bug fixes:
- Column selection has been improved

Revision (release date: 20.10.2009)
New features:
- New centrifugal fan products added: CNAB, CNDF and CAL
- Custom column selection in the list of solutions
- New marine motor classification added: Russian Maritime Register of Shipping
- Exporting ACN, ACW, ACG and ACP to BaaN is tested and approved
Bug fixes:
- Rules for selecting standard motors are corrected
- ABB, AEG efficiency class 1 motor were marked as class 2. They are now marked as class 1 motors
- AirFlow precision are changed from 3 digits to 2 digits after the decimal point when using m3/s
- The error "Could not assign MotorSize during calculation" is fixed.
- The error "Could not save configuration" because a variable called MotorSize2 was unassigned is fixed"
- Expanding Configuration Explorer was slow. Now it is faster.
- Bugs concerning exporting to BaaN is corrected
- Long motorfit remarks are no longer truncated in the report
- Total length and weight did not add long and short diffusors. This is corrected
- Missing german translations are added.

Revision (release date: 15.05.2009)
New features:
- None
Bug fixes:
- Wrong motor type displayed for WEG motors in the report on the price page.
- WEG HotSmoke motors are selectable in standard temperature calculations

Revision (release date: 06.05.2009)
New features:
- WEG motors are added
- Exporting configurations to BaaN implemented in AirBox
- Configuration states 'Quotation' and 'Order' are introduced
- Configurations saved in an older version of AirBox are upgraded to the newest version of AirBox if recalculated
- Configuration Explorer resizes automatically when expanding nodes
- It is always possible to see which node is selected in the Configuration Explorere TreeView
- Size of the Configuration window is "remembered" by the application and used next time a Configuration is opened
- Motor efficiency is added to solution list view
- It is now possible to select motors based upon Efficiency Class
- Different motors are selected below and above 4 KW for direct start, 1 winding
- It is now possible to select lubrication of motor for ACN and ACW
- It is now possible to select different test certificates
- When variables are unassigned a red dot is displayed on the corresponding configuration tab
Bug fixes:
- It is not possible to see all data on the solution tab page when configuration is in read only mode
- After exporting a report to PDF no more reports can be generated for the same configuration
- Motor identification string on report shows power value with one digit even if two digits are needed
- Unsupported flange standards can be selected
- Sound data is missing when calculating a specific fan
- AirBox might crash when clicking link in the registration email
- Closing AirBox while calculating has no effect
- German translations are too long for displaying in the report
- Warning messages issued when deleting projects and customers displays wrong text
- Fan curves (not supported for HotSmoke) are displayed for HotSmoke calculations when selecting specific fan

Revision (release date: 21.01.2009)
New features:
- Rated motor current added to solution data
Bug fixes:
- Copying solutions with long names fails
- Background color for motor data in list view is changed
- AirBox might crash when opening the options form

Revision (release date: 28.11.2008)
New features:
- Outlet wireguard type is specified on the report
- Site/System information in project details is added to the report
- Customer reference can now be changed
- New motor discount factor
Bug fixes:
- Novenco-node optimized for speed
- Error when copying solutions: prices were not saved correctly
- Hints were not updated after renaming customers, projects and solutions
- Conflict message on specific fan variables even though specific fan was not selected
- Solution path in caption was wrong after Save As and New Copy

Revision (release date: 28.10.2008)
Bug fixes:
- ACW solutions made in version could not be re-calculated
- Fan efficiency was in rare situations greater than 100%

Revision (release date: 27.10.2008)
New features:
- Now possible to calculate specific fan specifying Rotor, Hub and Blade Angle
- Shortcut to Novenco AirBox is now created on the computer Desktop
Bug fixes:
- Expired User Rights could not be activated again

Revision (release date: 10.10.2008)
New features:
- When no solution is found during a configuration session a help message is displayed
- Save and Save As buttons added in configuration window
- Automatic resolving of configuration conflicts
- IP56 enclosure is a new option for motors
- Standstill heating is a new option for motors
- Activation link in activation mail (additional to registry code to be copy/pasted)
- Addition of splash screen to improve user experience
- Backup and Restore Local Database
- New option to select number of solutions per fan
- New options to set price factors and to select currency
- Number of certain accessory items now adjustable
- New accessory: mounting feet and plate
- New accessory: short and long diffuser
- New accessory: anti vibration dampers
- New accessory: steel hub
- Air flow and air pressure precision corrected
- Classifications implemented
- Motor data for BEVI updated - now including two speed motors
- Motor data for Leroy Somer updated - price increased by 6%
- Now possible to calculate without specific Motor Make i.e. Motor Make = "Any"
- Calculation (esp. "Fixed To Motor Pole") optimized for speed
- Report generation optimized for speed
Bug fixes:
- Price unknown for some motors
- Total pressure option removed for ACP
- 380V / 60Hz LSHT motors was never selected.
- Motor current should be calculated instead of showing rated current
- Calculation stops because WireGuard is unassigned
- Total length of installation is wrong
- After exporting report to PDF, application stops working
- Data for 2-speed motors is missing in report
- Terminal Box statement is wrong for ACG/ACP
- Motor windings and poles rule is wrong
- Motor speed and winding rule is wrong
- Frequency converter required text missing in report
- Calculating without motor while "Fixed To Motor Pole" is selected results in too many solutions
- Variable speed calculation with 2-speed motors is illegal
- Unit [feet3/min] missing
- Sorting in solution listview sometimes does not work
- LOHER motor selection should be removed

Revision (release date: 11.07.2008)
New features:
- User Registration / User Rights
- Language support (Danish, English, German and Swedish) for Report
- Configuration without motor
- Context Help
- Optional path information in the title bar of configurations
- Additional information in listview on solutions tab (sound data, motor fit constraints etc.)
Bug fixes:
- GRP blades not valid for hub size 403 and 578
- GRP blades not valid for hot smoke fans
- Rotor Sizes 250 and 315 not valid for hot smoke fans
- Alignment of data representation (decimal place)

Revision (release date: 14.05.2008)
- First official release
- Configuration of ACN, ACW, ACP and ACG
- Standard Reporting
- Price information visible to users "inside" Novenco